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I will from time to time Add the best Freebies & any Low Cost Offers I am sent. On this special page. some of the e-books will be free to use & redistribute.

First: Two of My Own E-books Free as a Thank You . (If you havent already received them)

Get My Wherry Project e-book Here Free
 This is a record of an unusual project that I undertook a couple of years ago. I am fortunate to live on the Norfolk Broads & there is a Wherry Trust close by. Now these Wherries are over 100 years old & still in service. I was asked to cover their 'Gaff Jaws' in leather, not an easy task due to their shape. (Sailors will know what a Gaff Jaw is for the landlubber a look at the e-book will clear this up). Apart from the detailed record & pictures aspiring leather Artisans will get an insight into some of the type of content they can expect to find in my Craft Manuals.

  Get My Help With Leather Problems Here Free
I get inquiries on virtually a daily basis on the subject of defects relating to leathergoos of one sort of the other I have endeavored to answer them all This have involved complex & lengthy answers as no two are alike. It often then develops into an exchange of emails. This can involve a considerable use of my precious time. To deal with this I have produced an e-book on this subject trying to cover every aspect including consumers rights under the law. I now offer this e-book As a free Download

Another Free Download: SEO, Making Good Use Of Your Leather Connection Listing & benefiting from Extra Visitors. In this e-book I explain why SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) is so important to your on-line Business.

This Free e-book was put together using information  supplied by a Crocodile Farm in Africa (My e-book received  approval providing references to their business were not altered.

A New Free download which coverers the development of Leather Goods as well as some research on the usage of leather since the Stone Ages.

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