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 Roje Exotic Leather is guaranteed to be the best source of Exotic leather materials required for leather production. Years of experience in the sourcing and distribution of exotic leather makes Roje a good choice for your exotic leather requirements.

Our skins are the result of culling under license to preserve native crops from being wiped out. The remainder of the exotic skins are part of the waste from the Worlds Meat Industry & would be incinerated along with the rest of the inedible Offal.

crocodile farms, place-country-region, Australia exports about 5,000 crocodile skins a year Their meat is also a delicacy & is reputed to have a similar tast to chicken

Company and Philsophy
Roje (pronounced "ro-shay") is the one of the most extensive suppliers of Exotic Leather in the United States. Based in the USA, Roje wholesales and retails elegant exotic leather internationally. Through our arrangements with the top suppliers and tanneries throughout the world, Roje Group can provide the best quality and the best prices over the competition.

Roje Group
350 Bay Street, Suite 100-108
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel: USA 877-401-6806 - UK 02079932820
Roje is a purveyor in the exotic leather industry - having done the research to find the most abundant sources for exotic leather skins and hides.

Our mission is to provide the finest, most durable exotic leather through industry-exceeding standards. We focus strongly on providing top customer service and transparency in the Leather industry. Our strong work and environmental ethics ensure not only top quality service and products but also an appreciation for what Nature provides mankind and a respect of species.

Exotic Leather Goods and Services
Roje brings the best wholesale prices and quality of these fine wholesale exotic leather anmial skins and hides:
Python Leather
Stingray Leather
Caiman Hides
Crocodile Hides
American Alligator Hides
Lizard Skins and Plates
Ostrich Leather
Elephant Leather
Zebra Hides
Eel Leather Panels
Shark Skin
Frog Leather Panels
Furs & Plates
A Few Product Samples - Click to Visit Roje

Python Skin

Crocodile Skin Sample

Shark (Shagreen) Hides

Stingray Leather Shagreen (Colour Chart)

Hand Painted Stingray (Shagreen)

Frog Leather Hides and Plates

Exotic Leather Furniture Production

Roje also can get materials and designers for high-end custom exotic leather furniture. Custom requests are welcome for single piece and bulk orders.
Observations By Francis.
It is not possible to add all the features, Pictures & prices related to the Leathergoods available from this site & you will need to visit yourself to view the full range of high quality leathergoods made from the highest quality Stingray Leather Available.
As a top class Craftsman in my working days I worked with all these exotic leathers making leathergoods, for Royalty, Film Stars, Heads of State, etc. As a Lecturer & HOD at a Leather Craft & Fashion College A lot of the current highly acclaimed Leather Designers passed through the college on courses.

Having learnt my skills in Workshops that in my youth equaled 'Hermes' for quality I can categorically state that the Workmanship & quality of the leathergoods marketed by this company are equal to that of all Top Producers arround today. To view & purchase exotic leather materials and goods, click the following URL.

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