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Note. Companies below with their own Web Site have a direct Link from an entry, Companies that have an arrangement with us have a link to a page on this site & need to contact us for a referral, Companies without a web site have a direct Link to their listing on this site with full contact details.

High Class Cases, Bags,
Wallets, Gold Blocking.

Designer Maker,
Leathergoods, Training
Courses, Book.

Bags, Luggage, etc.

Stingray, Fish Skins, Cayman,
Eel Skins, etc.

Handbags, Training,
Contract Work, (UK Based)

Plough Gauges, Pricking Irons,
Edge Shaves, etc.

Authentic Reproductions,
Leathergoods &  Saddlery.,

Leather Care,
Leather Treatments.

Saddles, Leathergoods,
Training, Tooling,, Books, etc.

Silver Buckles, Belts,
Stitching Clamps, Loop Clamps.

Bees Wax & Propolis.
Leather Treatment.
The UK's Saddlery Organisation,
The go To Place for Help.

An On-Line Leathergoods Store,
Top Quality Leathergoods.

Gun Cases, Fishing, Sports Equipment, Cases, Bags, etc.

Furniture Repair,  Leather Treatment.
Leathergoods, Training, etc